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Ballet class with Vitoria Dornelas


Zoom Meeting ID: 632 989 3527


Online Ballet Class.

Classical ballet is known for its rigorous aesthetics and technique, its fluids and precise movements and its ethereal qualities. However, to me it represents more. I believe that all types of art and culture can provide changes, temporary or permanents, bringing to the students a sense of responsibility, critical thinking about their reality and maybe strength to fight for the future. Because to me art is life, is change, is transmutation and reframing.

What drives you as an artist/author/cultural practitioner?

In São Mateus, a city of north of Espírito Santo, the misery situation and violence and criminality growth are the main reflex of difficulties encounter by public power to ensure minimum and fundamental rights to its citizens. So, what drove me to pursue an artistic career was found out that through art I can help people to seek transformation of their own reality. The social reality of Brazilian cities has become even more cruel, in especial towards peripheric teenagers and young people, of low-income, low-educated, and very high social exclusion.
My first contact with dance happens in 2014, there with my 22 years old, never had thought on the possibility to live through art. Once, I grow up with the believe that you should start young otherwise you didn’t have a chance anymore. And where I grow up art wasn’t so much accessible to all.
My vision changed when I meet the social project Belas Artes Projetos Culturais, at the time the project function at historic site Porto of São Mateus – ES. A place impregnated with prejudice since the discovery time until today, where we can feel the remnants of the segregation between high and low city.
I saw in firsthand the impact of that project on the surroundings, and we keep it with the work until today. Giving to children, teenagers, and young people options so they can create way to better themselves in the future. Showing them possibilities to dream about a better future. Presenting them leisure’s activities so they have something else, other than the traffic as a reflection. (This link presents the impact Belas Artes Projetos Culturais had in Porto neighborhood:

More about Vitoria:

Vitória Dornelas, teacher, choreographer and production assistant at Belas Artes Projetos Culturais. Graduate student in Educational Practices (IFES1). Energy Master (UFES2). Graduate in Dance (Alpha Courses). Undergraduate in Petroleum Engineering (UFES2). Acted on the production of “Evocar” – 2021; assisted on the creation of CRIA3 – 2020; and production of the Artistic residence “Dialógos Dançantes” – 2019. As sound designer in the artistic production “Desabafo” – 2019; As assistant in the production, creation and interpretation of artistic productions: “O que as Marias têm a dizer?” – 2019; “Não é o fim” - 2018; “Há caminhos que devo seguir” – 2017; "Sobreviver" - 2016.
1Federal Institute of Espírito Santo; 2Federal University of Espírito Santo; 3Regional Artistic Initiation Collective.

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