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Heart Meditation with Lorraine Lewis.


Zoom Meeting ID: 632 989 3527

Program Description: Heart Meditation to activate our power of beauty to ourselves and to others.

More about Lorraine Lewis:

My spiritual work focuses on a variety of ways to get in touch with and remember our true essence more fully – to feel our “I AM” Presence. I feel this is the key to living a happier, more fulfilling life. Embodying our true essence benefits every area of our lives. We can then view life from a wiser, more spacious, higher perspective and feel more inner peace. I have been on a spiritual path for over 30 years practicing a variety of types of meditation, which led to becoming an affirmative prayer partner at a New Thought center. Praying from our connectedness is key. I see meditation and prayer as great ways to make a conscious connection to our Divine nature; to our Highest Self. The actual work/tools I use include the Trager® Approach, which is a type of profoundly relaxing bodywork and self-care movements that use gentle rocking movements to help us release blockages so we can feel our true essence. It helps us to connect to Source. I also practice Reiki and a few other energy healing modalities, including the Rising Star® Healing System. I’m also a Certified HeartMath® Mentor. This is a set of simple techniques that help us to connect to the wisdom of our hearts – to our true nature. It is a powerful way to manage stress and our emotional energy. I will be teaching some HeartMath tools which are powerful, scientifically-backed ways to connect with our true essence. To me, connectedness starts within. When we truly connect to our own true nature, we automatically feel connected to our loved ones and to all humanity – to the greater whole/to all of creation. The HeartMath techniques are a way to easily access, feel, and embody our connectedness to our divine nature and to all of life – so we are really connecting simultaneously with ourselves and with our communities and with the world.” It feels very uplifting and nourishing to practice these tools.

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