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LIVE in French: Reflection on Freedom of choosing how to think and behave by Rosemary Hyde.

LIVE in French: Reflection on Freedom of choosing how to think and behave by Rosemary Hyde.

World Peace Week 2021


World Peace Day is Sept 21. 💕
Please find the link that plays the announcement of World Peace Week on the topic of "MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE" by Radio Chico.


Why are people who are “different” often bullied at school or excluded from society? What does “normality” or “being different” actually mean? Where are you "different", what stands out for you? Why is it so difficult to accept one another with one's strengths and weaknesses? RadioChico Switzerland deals with exactly these topics for a whole week. As part of World Peace Week 2021, RadioChico Switzerland will speak for a week from September 21 on about norms, normality, "being different" and bullying.

Nowadays there are many ways to bully someone and, unfortunately, to drive them into suicide from time to time. Social media also play a major role here. It is therefore important to draw the attention of young and old to this and to intervene if you encounter bullying. Bullying can affect us all. That is why young and old should deal with the topic and develop their own ideas for a more respectful coexistence so that they can face life with joy. We all had that one boy in class who was teased about his red hair, or the girl with the braces that everyone made fun of.

With these broadcasts we want to show that it is important to intervene and show ways in which this can be done. How you acted back then cannot be changed, but today, here and now, you can make a difference!

You ant to PARTICIPATE ?

What are your inputs? Where are you special Why do you think everyone should be accepted? Take part!

Send us an email to: or DM on Instagram to @radiochicoschweiz and go LIVE ON AIR with us! Of course we are also happy if you are there LIVE ON SITE.

All interviews are conducted in the studio in Bern and are open to the public. From September 20-26, 2021 in the UNITY-Schweiz Saal at Königweg 1A in 2006 Bern, 30 seconds from the Ostring.

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