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Spanish Intermediate Class with Nelson Roger Vásquez.

Spanish Intermediate Class with Nelson Roger Vásquez.


Zoom Meeting ID: 632 989 3527

Lesson 4 : Frases y Preguntas Comunes sobre los Colores en Español.


More about Nelson:

Hello, first of all, my name is Nelson Roger Vásquez, I am from Honduras, which is in Central America, I am a native Spanish speaker, and I have advanced studies of English at the American School English Academy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras,

I am an easygoing person, and I graduated as an accountant, which I have worked in different Accounting positions,

but I have always had a fondness for languages, since I was very young, for that reason I try to do the best I can, by doing my utmost performance, not only in my native language Spanish, but also I have done it for communicating in English as well, and for that reason, I'm planning to learn other languages like French.

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Hi everyone, you are just a click away to take advantage of acquiring the knowledge of a new language like Spanish, so go for it. and everyone is welcome!!!!
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