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Introduction to TOEFL preparation class with Rev. Rosemary Hyde.

Introduction to TOEFL preparation class with  Rev. Rosemary Hyde.


Zoom Meeting ID: 632 989 3527

Information of the class:

Wednesdays 12-1 pm New York time. TOEFL: Practicing English skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

November 17: Vocabulary practice: one list of 20 words, with all associated words (total approximately 50 words). Defining the words, listing derived words, using the new words in sentences.

Requirements for taking Introduction to TOEFL class with Living Peace Now, six months, starting autumn, 2021, through Winter 2022.

1. Ability to participate with at least 85% comprehension and understandability in free discussions in English (On LivingPeaceNow.Org, in Metaphysical discussions).

2. Willingness and plan to obtain the textbook, Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test 6th Edition.

(TOEFL iBT means TOEFL Internet based test, which is offered at testing centers worldwide. To take the exam, you will need to go to one of these testing centers, so first find out where the one closest to you is, and figure out how you will get there.

Also, You need a new personal copy of that edition of the guide, because the test has changed prior to this edition, and you want to prepare for the current test. Also the purchase price of the book ($40.00 USD) includes your personal id Code to access online teaching, practice sessions, and practice tests, and these will be important for you to be well prepared to take the test and receive an excellent score. Once the original owner of the guide has accessed these online resources, no one else may use the same code.)

3. Intention and ability to attend all class sessions. This class will be offered four times a month for at least the next six months. Preparing for this test is an important commitment. Attending only occasionally will waste everyone’s time.

We need to know who plans to continue taking this program with us. There is no direct charge for the program. If you wish to find a personal sponsor to help you with the test expenses, please submit an application for sponsorship. We will search for willing sponsors from English speaking countries. Your sponsor will agree to support your financial needs as a test candidate. In return, you will pledge to correspond at least once monthly with your sponsor, in English. We envision and hope that friendship will grow between test candidates and sponsors so you will have a new friend in an English speaking country to support you in your goal of passing the test with a high score.

(Application for Sponsorship as TOEFL test candidate: in English, please provide the following (should be a total of 1/2 to 1.5 page, single and double spaced.)

Name, first and last, age, education history (where and what levels), country of origin, native language, contact information:-- address, phone number with country code, email address, web URL if you have

one. This information to be followed by a paragraph (50-100 w0rds about what your occupation is at present, what further educational goals you are pursuing, what career goals you wish to achieve, how taking the TOEFL exam will help you to achieve your goals. Also, briefly tell your potential sponsor a bit about you – your family, interests, skills, pasttimes – information that will give them a beginning of knowing who you are. Also, as in a friendly letter, add two or three things you would like to know about their skills and interests, so you have a beginning for correspondence. Send your application to Attach a headshot photo of yourself. )

More about Rev. Rosemary Hyde:

Rosemary is the founder and president of Living Peace Now. She grew up Irish Catholic in Rhode Island, and entered the convent immediately after graduating from high school. Despite her love for things spiritual, she became aware that her spiritual path did not follow prescribed Catholic beliefs, and she finished college outside the convent. After graduating, she received a Fulbright scholarship to study and teach in France. While there, she did Masters and doctoral work in psychology and linguistics. After returning to the U.S., she finished her doctorate in Psycholinguistics (Psychology of Communication) at St. Louis University. She lived in Missouri for 35 years, as a wife and mother, and also as professor and administrator at St. Louis Community College. She worked with area schools to create Service Learning programs that engaged students in serving poor communities for class credit. During those years, she also studied and practiced Unity principles and spirituality. Since retiring from teaching, Rev. Rosemary has become an internationally certified homeopathic practitioner, and a Board certified chaplain and spiritual counselor. She has also fulfilled her lifelong calling to ministry by being ordained both as an Interfaith minister and as a Unity minister and teacher. Rev. Rosemary is delighted to serve as co-minister of Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rosemary posts a series titled “The Way Forward” in Living Peace Now. She shares new ways of thinking. For Living Peace Now, she is focusing on sharing with everyone the universal laws and principles by which we can discover and use our power as enlightened beings to create Peace and greater light and love around us. She is posting lessons and leading conversations with Peacemakers, and she is available for individual spiritual coaching to help leaders discover and live their spiritual authority.

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