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Name: Zeinab Mohammed Hussein
Country: Egypt
Topic: Beauty

You sometimes hear someone, telling another that they are beauty. However, what does it mean? In general, beauty is “the ascription of a characteristic or a property that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure and satisfaction of someone interpreted in balance and harmony with nature that lead to attraction and emotional wellbeing.” When incorporated with soul, the animating force within all living things, it would not only make this person live in inner peace, but it also helps him/her go strongly through any pains that he/she could sustain in live. However, how would beauty be tangible to us?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, people find beauty in many different things. It would be beauty of appearance that attracts many. Beauty in someplace when it is in order whether being such as a palace or a hut. However, what about beauty of the soul? To be honest, we are noticeably attracted by beauty of soul. For example, when talking to someone that are good to us, a baby or a little child smiles at our face when playing with him/her make us feel safe and at ease. You love to explicitly express that those people are appreciated and admired because they are the reason that makes you safe, living in joy.

Sometimes there are so unbearable pains that we couldn’t want to write our hearts out to anyone except them because they are our own shelter that will help us find solutions to our problems. In case of, however, missing out on them, you feel totally in grief, taking time to return to state as you have been before for coping with your life and responsibilities again. To sum up, “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart,” Kahlil Gibran.

Tags: March reflections

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