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Motivation, or Lack Thereof (a poem)

Lying on the floor*
On a sweltering summer day,
There’s no reason to get up
So on the floor I stay.

I lay there thinking
Of ... nothing.
And nothing.

I started to get bored
With nothing on my mind,
Wondering about things to do
If motivation I could find.

Too hot to go outside,
All the household chores are done,
Not time to eat or sleep,
Nothing to do for fun.

Feeling tired and listless,
Yet more alive than dead,
Existential thoughts
Begin brewing in my head.

Damn this COVID
That keeps me from my friends!
What am I doing with my life 
To be worth it in the end?

What have I accomplished?
Have I done enough good deeds?
Have I been a good enough person?
Why is my garden always full of weeds???

I have plenty of hobbies,
Some things to keep me sane.
But without the motivation,
To do them is a drain.

I could start a puzzle,
Or read a gripping book,
Play music on my mandolin,
Or take another look...

At the internet!
YouTube or the news!
But there’s only so much watching
Before I get the blues.

I wish I felt inspired
To try something new,
Or work on a project,
Or cook a pot of stew.

But the problem is this:
I have no motivation.
But oddly, 
I have just enough motivation
To compose this kind-of sort-of poem
That used to rhyme but now does not 
Because I lack the motivation to think any more
about my lack of motivation.

*Why was I lying on the floor? Great question. I started out doing some stretching, but was unmotivated to do any more, so just lay there, staring at the ceiling.


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  • Playing with light and water. L Bowen 2021

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