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Living Peace Now Community is a one year born Vision !

We are now offering new activities and services that might interest you.

For instance, we are publishing a short spiritual non religious reflection each day, reflection and publishing it in English, French , Spanish, and Arabic.

We are also offering weekly classes for those who want to strengthen a second language they learned in school or from some earlier life experience.

Another program that you may want to discover and attend is "The discussion classes on personal development and mystical awareness of the laws of The Universe serve as language strengthening opportunities.

We’re deeply impressed with how rapidly people are able to improve their foreign language skills using this conversational repeated immersion approach, which is also great fun. With videos we are now producing with the help of participants from many countries across the world.

We are also enjoying little travelogues where we learn first hand from our international friends about countries where they live, learn, work, celebrate, and play. We’ve come a long way during our first year!! We look forward to seeing you again at your June 12 anniversary celebration. You have played a crucial role in getting us started , and we appreciate you!!

Join this event,  get to know your friends and teachers at Lpnow. Enjoy the start to your learning journey !


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Our Organization

Living Peace Now is a voluntary community of Peacemakers, incorporated as a not for profit, public benefit organization. We are consciously spiritual and not religious, focusing on helping our subscribers and participants to create better, happier lives wherever and whoever they are. We are all teachers, leaders, and forces for good in the world. Our organization consists of Connected Peacemakers.
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