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Level : Pre-intermediate

Book: New Headway, 4th edition.

More about Sabrina:

Sabrina is a CELTA certified English teacher. She has been teaching English to people from different parts of the world such as the MENA region, Europe and Asia. Working with different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds for more than 6 years gained her a global vision and understanding of students needs.  She confirms that stress, the fear of making mistakes, being mocked and laughed at is the barrier that is blocking people from making progress. Then she has accepted the challenge and has accompanied successfully people to gain confidence and become great public speakers.

In 2015, She launched her café group "English coffee -English conversation" volunteering to help people practice the language. People were meeting in the afternoons to discuss and drink a coffee. It was much fun.

Sabrina is a very sociable person, alive and too into positive exchange, cultures and languages. She can communicate in Arabic, French, Turkish and English.

Note: those who are interested in academic research. My thesis is available to read and build on: "Islam at the origin of conflict between the West and the Orient" A comparative study between Huntington's “CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS AND REMAKING OF WORLD ORDER” AND Amin Maalouf’s “LES IDENTITÉS MEURTRIÈRES”.

My MOTTO: Let's be kind to each other and love each other no matter what our differences are.


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